Thursday, April 23, 2009

The People Who Inspired Me

Many people know me as a computer freak, I didnt got interested myself but there are many people who inspired me, and put me in this position. I would like 2 share about the people who put me in this position. I started using computers from my 3rd stanard first thanks to my school, first thanks 2 my 3rd standard computer teacher neelaveni mam, she used to allow me inside the lab even in breaks and she thought me ms paint which is the first thing which attracted me towards computers, then Srinivasan Sir he is the one who thought me to use windows os. I am happy he is still in our area, i saw him a year back :). Then Kannan Sir our school librarian, i can never forget him he is like a god to me. he encouraged me reading good books, i used to read compu magazines such as DataQuest, PCQuest which improve me a lot and helped me 2 keep updated. Then all the computer teachers who took ComSci form my 3rd to 10th. I dono how they bared my torture, Then Raji Mam Who took CS for me in 11th thought me c++ she used to clear all my doubts (Tortures) with great patience. Then Arthi Mam, She took CS in 12th satandars, she helped me a lot in my project and encouraged me 2 a great extent, Then Sarath Chandra Sir who thought me photoshop at arena. Then my friend, my project partner IMRAN he is a great support 2 me he is really a genius, Then coming 2 my coll life i got 2 great friends Praveen a game freak who thought many tricks in internet, then JayaPrakash who is very interested in web design who is also my patner. Then the great Microsoft Student Partners (MSP's) Prasanna Anna, Sriram Anna. once i was zero in web designing , to be frank tht time even i dono HTML, Now I can design a good site by myself and its all cos of prasanna anna and sriram anna, Prasanna Anna is MSP of my college, every time when ever i ask him doubt online or strait he clarifies it with great patience. Then all my friends who encourage me all the times, they always helped me by giving their comments on my work, Then My great parents, they always encouraged me at all times and satisfied my needs.
Thanks to all who encouraged and helped me in my life.

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