Saturday, October 31, 2009

Windows 7 Chennai Community Launch Event

On 23-10-09 I attended a Windows 7 Community Launch Webcast, i really liked the webcast, in that they informed me that the Windows 7 community Launch Parties are going to be hosted all over the country and asked me to visit which is a Windows Community Site for INDIA. So i got through the website and registered for the Windows 7 Community Launch Party in Chennai on 31-10-09, They announced the Venue and timings before 3 days on the event.. This is what happend BEFORE :) :) Small Flashback

Lets see what happened today :)

Today i reached the HADDOWS CLUB in nungambakkam around 9.20, its the venue for the event, it thought I am late to the event, but the event havent started yet. I expected a large croud out there but only little were at the event. I am happy to see Ceeeni my friend from Rajalaksmi Engineering College, I was awaiting to see him for a long time , cos we used to chat online and havent meet each other before, Then i meet mahathi who is newly slected msp from chennai, My friend Santhosh who is also a MSP joined us. Most of them who attended the event are IT Pros and little students ( including me ) the last row in the hall (Generic behavior of students :) ) . Then the session started, The speaker is Mr RavicKumar president of CNUG ( Chennai .Net User Group ), He first introduced to Microsoft's New OS "Windows 7" and stated many of the feature's in Windows 7, The first thing which attracted me towards to him was the " Windows 7 t-shirt" which he was wearing ;) , Then he asked the audience "the things which u thought that should be modified in previous OS like Win Xp and Win Vista and that have been bought into Windows 7 ", and I am the first one to answer this question , I answered about the less boot time in Win 7 which is comparitively high compared to other Win OSs. and for my surprise he gave me a t-shirt give away which is as same as the one which he is wearing :) and i am so happy with that :). Then others said their answers and some are awarded with that nice t-shirt. Then many queries regarding Win 7 are put forward and Ravi sir answered them nicely. And he also asked some question to the audience and I also answered some of them. The event ended sucessfully and we are called for the lunch, I really enjoyed the Party :)


  1. Cool :) its ceeeni, not ceeni .. :) anyways, lets see u get a 7 .. :)

  2. Happy that you were in it ! ... I would have been glad if you got in touch with those IT Pros who attended that session !