Monday, December 7, 2009

Microsofts New Efficiency

It had been a very great experience to be in Micorosofts's New Efficiency session @ taj coramendel, Chennai. on 3rd Dec 2009 . I reached there around 9.30 and was waiting for Raghu, my co MSP , It was the first time I am in a 5 Star hotel, I was so excited at tht time, the ambience and hospitality in the hotel is really awesome. After finishing my registrations I had a tea in the mean while raghu came there, so was talking with him for sometime. Raghu came there to give his Windows 7 Touch demo. Then the session started, Then Mr.M.S.Anand Product Technology Specialist (Infrastructure) presented a very nice presentation on Windows 7, Its really very usefull and i came to know many other advance features in Windows 7 and how those features help to improve efficiency in Enterprises. Then we were given break for a small time, I got myself a coffe and was talking to raghu, at that time we got introduced to Akhil who is also a MSP from Vellore (VIT). It was also a nice time being with them, Thn we had Windows 2008 R2 and Exchange Server 2010 sessions which were also useful. In the mean time there were partner telks from NetApps and Kaspersky. Then came the lunch , at that time me and akhil had a small interaction with Mr.Murali who is a manager for Kaspersky India. and the lunch was really awesome, Enjoyed eating out there .. After the lunch we three people took some photogarphs on the stage .. then we all returned home :)

Myself on the stage :)

Akhil, Raghu and Me , having a very nice time There :)

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  1. nice post gokul ! one small suggestion ... please change the font color to something better... it would make reading all the more pleasurable ! :)