Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Session @ VELS University (Pallavaram)

The HOD of Department of Computer Science and Engineering of VELS University (Pallavarm), invited me to conduct session in his college. The actual plan was to conduct two sessions, Session on Microsoft India Academic Programmes by my fellow MSP Sidharth and Session on Windows 7 by me. But unfortunately (later it was fortunate) Sidharth couldn’t come cos of some un avoidable situation. So i decided to take both the sessions by myself, and I am very lucky to find Academic Programmes presentation slides in my laptop :) :)

The HOD and the students were very friendly and they made me to feel comfortable being there. I really enjoyed taking both the session there, The students are very enthusiastic and interactive. They interacted very well with me, they asked me many useful questions which I could answer them. After the session I got good comments and feedback from the students and the HOD. I am happy that I could manage taking a long session lively till its end.

Me Taking Session
Me :)
Part of Students
Part of students
Me interacting with students
Standing on the stage

Showing Windows & Demos


  1. nice work da.. great going with the presentation...

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  3. gr8.. awesome..
    gr8 wrk yaar :)
    ATB 4 ur future wrks :)

  4. Awesome !! Continue the Good job!