Monday, June 22, 2009

Won 2 Prices In Classic Chennai And Now A MCP

This month is very great for me, on 15th i was very happy cos my long awaiting Classic Chennai results came on that day, It was anounced that i won 1st prize in blogging for the blog and i won 2nd prize in PhotoSynth competiton for the Valluvar Kottam Photosynth . I am so thankfull 2 prasanna anna, my friend jp who did blog template, gowrish for cam, rahul for blog post and every freinds who encouraged me to this externt.

I am also happy that now I am a MCP ( Microsoft Certified Professional ) , its one of my long time dream and i am happy that i have achieved it now .. My sincere thanks 2 prasanna anna who helped me with free exam voucher and encouraged me to do it. Then ma friend Imran and Krishan who helped me with study materials.. And ma friends who encouraged me . How can i leave ma great parents , they also encouraged me to a great level..

Yours Lovingly

Lane (MCP) LOL... :)

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  1. I know that there are various branches in MCP. Which branch did you get the certification actually?

    S. Sri Hari Charan