Saturday, June 13, 2009

Group Study

I am an average student, never used to concentrate in class while the classes are taken, never do my assaingnments regularly, never read properly for my unit and model exmas, but any how i manage to clear all the papers. In this post i am going to reveal my small secret for it. Its none other than group studies at the study holidays and exms. I have very good friends who r good at studies to help me out with my studies. To be specific Amar, Shunmugavel (SAM), Anu, Murali, Vignesh etc..

Amar thought me a lot this sem, if i am clearing all its cos of him only, he managed to teach me even on tht day before the exam, an i we used to have lots of fun reading in his house cos of his coll friends jackson, aravind, Dhanapal ... Then sam, he cant help me out more in this sem cos he changed his house to another area, an he helped me a lot to clear those data strucuture ans maths papers mainly PQT. Then Murali and vignesh, though they both belong to diff departments they helped me out in my coll 1st year papers. mainly vignesh who helped me with Maths 1 paper. Then anu , she is my class mate, She also helps me in ma exam preparations

So my secret of sucess in not the Group Study
Its My Friends

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