Saturday, August 15, 2009

One of the most memorable day in my life - 15 Aug 2009

Im really happy 2 write this blog post,
This independence day was really great for me, let me say why and what made the day so special for me... :) . As every independence day i went to my school " Sri Ram Dayal Khemka Vivekananda Vidyalaya " to meet my friends and to see the indpendence day. I really dono a great surprise waiting for me, The Surprise is Mr E.Sarath Babu who is one of leading young entrepreneur, CEO of Food King, and one of my great role model is the cheif guest of the day. His speach on that day is simple but really very inspiring. Another happines is meeting many of my school friends, and i saw some of them really after a very long time. Then i donated blood for my satisfaction, I always feel that its one of the useful thing i do in my life. Then me and my friend rahul had a great chance to meet sarath sir and to speak some words with him, We also got his autograph and took a pic with him. I felt too inspired while standing next to such an inspiring person like him. Then we are called for the alumini meating, The office barriers of alumini asociation gave a short speach what they going to do, then the most intersting part in speach of Hari anna about the social service activities which really inspired many, including me. Then another thing which made me so happy is the prize giving function at our night school. Hari anna, gowri , me and some of our school aluminis take free tutions for the children who are in a slum near our area in the eve, and we conducted some competitons to encourage the students. yesterday Sujatha Mam, Vice Principal of SRDKVV came there to give away the prices to the children. I was really happy that time.
Its one of the most memorable day in my life...

Sarath sir speach @ srdkvv, Sorry for poor audio quality

E.Sarath Babu Sir signing autograph for me :)

Me and my Friend rahul with sarath sir

My friends at alumini meeting
With ma most best friends rahul, imran and gowri :)
Me, Gowri, Hari anna, nishanth anna, sujatha mam, pathmanathan unce, with some of our night school students


  1. great work dude(night school thing)....

  2. Awesome. THE MOMENT it seems... A wonderful person, who inspires many people by his simple yet powerful speech. More than anything else, His love towards his Mom is one thing we should learn from him. Take a bow. Lucky that you got an opportunity to meet him..