Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Windows 7 - Really Ultimate

I have just installed Windows 7 os in my laptop couple of days before. Its really ultimately amazing with lots of improved future. In this blog post i ill write about my experience with windows 7 ultimate.

I just installed windows 7 using my pendrive an it doesnt take much longer time to install. After installation its really awesome to see the screen, the desktop appearance is more enhanced than vista. The desktop looked really cool even with out installing my graphics card driver. Then some of its features like enhanced taskbar, sticky notes, dvd writer, i
so writer, automatically changing desktop background settings, super cool transparent themes, mini media player with new look, and a lot .

At first i thought its a heavy os and bring down my laptops performance, but its completely opposite to my assumption. Its performance really amazing, i feel the performance better than vista. Really su
perb os, every one should try it . Thank u Microsoft.

Windows 7 ultimate desktop screen

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