Sunday, September 20, 2009

Unforgettable Experience

Hi friends,

I like to share you an interesting incident happened in my life which touched my heart.
On a fine Sunday i had my classes, so I took a bus to a near bus terminus , I was already late and rushing, When bus conductor asked for ticket i said the destination and gave him Rs.20 for Rs.2 (ticket fare) , For my surprise conductor said he dont have change to give back and asked me to get down in the next stop and he gave my money back to me, i was really to tensed and confused, stood on entrance of the bus to get down in the next stop. Suddenly an old man called me by touching the shoulders, When i turned back for my surprise he gave me a Rs.2 TICKET in my hand. With confusion i asked him " To whom i have to pass the ticket", He smilingly replied "Its For You Boy", Then he said " You look like a student, and looking too tensed, And i think you are late for your classes. You need not go late to your class just because of the Rs.2 ticket, so only i took the ticket for you". Up to my consciousness i havent meet him or know him still he helped me in my critical situation, Then i said him lots of thanks and he accepted it with a smile. Then to my sunrise he also got down in the same bus stop, When i got down i saw a small shop near the bus stop, then i rushed to that shop and got some chocolates ans changed that Rs.20 bill and i rushed again to give the Rs.2 to that old man. When i gave money first he refused to get the money, then i convinced him and gave the money. Its not about the Rs.2 he helped me with, Its about the humanity in him which made him to help me. So freinds lets help others when they are in critic

As tamizh saint Thiruvalluvar said
" A kindness done in the hour of need may itself be small, But in worth it exceeds the whole world

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