Friday, October 9, 2009

Now Me MSP

Hi friends,

I am very happy that one of my long dream come true, I had been selected as
Microsoft Student Partner (MSP). I would like to render my thanks to my dear T.E.K.Prasanna Anna an Alumni M
SP from my college who created interest in me to become a MSP and encouraged me all time, Then my friend JayaPrakash who helped me taking video for my MSP video submission, its really a fun experience taking that video, and i messed up lots of shots, Then my Senior MSP ArvindGaneshan who refereed me for MSP this year and i know he is very happy that i got selected, Then my Parents and my Friends who are my great support and encouraged me all time. Then people from Microsoft who selected me for MSP. Now I am in my probation period, Hope I will complete it successfully.

Its the video which i submited for MSP Selection, This was shot by Jayaprakash, i appreciate his patience shouting this video at his house.



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