Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Microsoft TAG - on the things around you

Microsoft TAG is one of the latest technology which transforms every day things in the real world into live links to the online information such as sites, images, custom text etc. just by using a colourcoded tag.

Just download the MS TAG software and install it in your mobile From your mobile phone, simply snap or scan a Tag image anywhere you see it – in editorials, advertisements, product packaging, signs and storefronts – and gain instant access to Websites, videos, reviews, schedules, contact information, social networks, discounts, promotions and more!

Now the happy news, Microsoft Tag is Free of cost. Its very easy to create your own Tags and u can print it any wher u want. Just SignIn into http://tag.microsoft.com/SignIn.aspx with your Live account and Create your new Microsoft Tag.

The bellow is the Microsoft Tag which was created by me and it will redirect you to my blog page

Look at the following video to see How the Microsoft Tag Works

Working Of Microsoft Tag

Microsoft Tag - Advertisement

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