Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Classic Chennai - My Experiences

Classic Chennai is competiton initiated my Microsoft Student Partners (MSP)of chennai. First i came to know about this competiton only through my MSP Prasanna anna, I went and visited the classic chennai site. I found very intersting competitons like Photography, Photosynth, Blogging, Poster making, Short Film, Doccumentry film. So i decided to join in photography, photosynth, blogging.

This time i needed a digital camera to take pics for the competiton, I went and asked for the cam to my close relation, but suprisingly they pulled me down. i was too down that time i thought that i would not participate in that competion. Thank god, my friend Gowri Shankar helped me by giving his cam with no hesitation. With out him i wouldnt have participated in the competiton. I took 4 sundays to compleate my photoshots. i ill say my experience about every week

1st Sunday : First i was thinking where to start, as i love n4 bridge i decided to start from there, i took the pics of n4 bridge, sun rise, fishermen fishing. Then i went to the busiest Kasimedu fishing harbour an took some interesting pics, Then i moved to the kasimedu fish market and took some pics.

2nd sunday: This week i decided to take pics for photosynth and decided Valluvar Kottam as the destination. This time i went with gowri in his bike. I took lots of pics and gowri maintained lots of patience in the hot sun.

3rd sunday: This week i decided to take some pics in marina beach. Gowri came with me even this time. We sarted our clicks of chennai harbour from top of royapuram bridge, then a park opp to secratatiat, then we both enjoyed takin pics of napier bridge in many angles. Gowri stud over the road seperator to take the pic of napier bridge. then we took pics of workers statue, kanagi statue, vivekanda house, chennai beach cricket, light house. Then we moved to adayar bridge an took some pics there. Then we went to peasnt nagar an met K.A.Karthikeyan our dearest friend. Then we went to brokken bridge an took some pics. Brokken bridge really amazing. On the way returning to home we went to central jail an took some pics there also.

4th sunday: This time i decided to take pics for the photosynth of MGR Memorial and Anna Square. But this time i have 2 go alone, so i went and took lots of pics , the photosynth of MGR memorial came really very nice.

I enjoyed a lot on all these days, really a great, joyfull, bit challenging experience in ma life, I enjoyed to the core. Thanks for MSPs for hosting such a good competiton, and great thanks for gowri for lending his cam. " I konw u dont like me sayin thanks to u "
is the link to tht classic chennai website

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