Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Contestant With a Change ...

I am always fed up with the indian politics and the election contestants, most of them would me from a great political background, most of them not educated up to the mark, get votes by giving false words to the people. But this time i saw a change. A contestant with no political background, Well educated ( M.B.A IIM'A'), Simple and energetic youth, A fast up comming entrepreneur who owns "Food King". I already saw his insperational speach video, i really got lots of inspiration from him, when ever some one ask us why u didnt to this we used 2 say some stupid reasons, after seeing his speach i came to know where there is a will surely there is a way. He was born in a very poor family, his mom sold idlies to run the family. He met lots of strugles in his life, still came up only with his will power. He is a graduate from BITS, Pilani and he did is MBA in IIM Ahamedabad, The most prestegious institution in india. When lots of companies offered him great jobs he started his own busines to give job to others. He also won the MTV youth icon award. And apreciated by former president of india Dr.Abdul Kalam.

Oh still now i didnt say his name. He is Mr. Sarath Babu. He is contesting as an independent candidate in south chennai. I am sad that my vote is on north chennai and i am unable 2 vote for him. But i asked all of my friends 2 vote for him. Pls vote fr him if u r in south chennai.

The following is the link for his site

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