Friday, May 8, 2009

My Family - My BackBone

I feel that family support plays a vital role in sucess of a person, In this case i consider my self damm "LUCKY" . Ya i had got such a very very nice family. My family is a nuclear family consist of 4 members including me.

First Head Of The Family, My dad Mr.N.Ravi, he is compleately very different from other dads, He is too divitonal, He is such a jovial person has a good sense of humour. He is very very friendly person. He rags and make fun of me equal to my friends. Most of my friends are jelous of me cos i got such a friendly dad. I had never seen such a person in my life with a great helping tendency, He is my roll model. He wont advise much like other dads. Love u a lot DAD.

Then Home Minister Of My House, ya its my mom Mrs KarunaiCarassy Ravi. She is bit strict. She always want things in place, wants us to do things correctly. She is a damm good home maker, she manages my house in a style. For her cleanliness is a very very important aspect. Though she is strict she is very friendy, She always encourage me in every aspect of my life. She corrects me when ever i go wrong. She cooks really very well. She is highly conserned with our health. She mostly cooks vegitables and greens.

My parents always talks things very strait 2 me. They never say to me dont do this dont do that, but they say what are the consequences if i do things wrong.

Then my sister, she is a generic sister who always fight with her brother, ya she fights a lot with me. She also fights a lot with my mom , she has a great support from my dad. Even her eyes wont blink while she watch tv.

In our house mostly we have dinner to gether, we always laugh or fight , talk a lot .. Different from other family .. My Family My Heaven On Earth

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