Tuesday, June 9, 2009

UBUNTU 9.04.. Super

This is the 1st technical post in my blog.
The 1st problem which most of us face while installing an secondary os like linux is partioning a new drive for it, i recently i found an alternative for it, its UBUNTU LINUX 9.04 ( Jauntry Jackpole ). It has an option "Install Inside Windows", which allows u to install the linux os inside the windows os. I know its sounds bit confussing, Let me explain in detail. This option allows u to install ubuntu inside a windows partiton disk, for eg if u installing ubuntu in D: which is windows partiton and it creates a folder named "ubuntu" and saves all the system files in it. When u boot ur computer it asks of which OS to boot, If u select ubuntu it boots from the folde D:\ubuntu. Ubuntu Linux is really a very nice os, its light and boots fastly. If u want to get UBUNTU LINUX 9.04 its completely free of cost . U can download it or request for a free cd from http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu . UBUNTU rocks.

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