Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Manasae Relax Please

How much its important to relax?
Its really very important, this is what said by most of the leading doctors and psychatrist.

Why its important to relax after hard work?
Relaxing reduces your work stress and it prevent you from heart desease, reduce hair fall, reduces harmonal imbalance which are caused due to intense working.

Some Relaxing Tips..

This is for the people like me who work in front of the computers for a long time,

  • For every twenty minutes look at a distant object for 20 sec , it will help to relax the tiny muscles in ur eyes, its called 20-20 method
  • For every hour, stop working for 5 mins and hear your fav song for 5 mins closing ur eyes, but kindly dont sleep, your boss may fire u out :-) , It would be fine if its a melody one

These are common relaxing tips

  • Work for 5 days a week, but pls dont carry ur work to the week ends, try 2 enjoy maximum with ur friends and family, go to beach, restaurants, movies, pubs, discos, where ever u want with ur friends and family , dont think about ur job even for a sec in the week ends
  • Try to go to tour once in a year with ur family or friends, and just see the energy and change i u
  • For the people who are married, pls dont take ur work 2 ur bed room, and researchers say that, the best place to relax is ur bed room, hope u understand. They also say that the person who is happy in his mariage life give good output in work.
  • Always try to be smiling and cool, it will prevent u being stressed and gives u a great confident. :-)
  • If u are really stressed u cant do any work and give ur best output, If u find ueself too stressed, drink a glass of water, close ur eyes and hear a melody song, walk for 5 mins with out thinking about ur job, It ill reduce ur stress a lot

I love to go to beach on week end mornings, to breathe fresh air , to relax my self, its a great experience.

One small info for all, Researchers have proved that a person who relax himself constantly from the stress can give more and great output than those who work with stress. I relax a lot thats why i am writing this post .. :-) .. .. .. .. .. Have a happy life..

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