Sunday, May 3, 2009

Select Your People..

I am not writing this post just like that, some incidents and bitter experiences made me 2 write this post.

For some people u are esential like salt, For some u r always watste and garbage, For some u r like an edible thing, u look good untill u r used up for something, after its over remaining u is waste for them. The people who consider u like slat give u happy, they ill be a very good friend and really close to u, they take part in all ur good and bad momemts, so always chose people like that to urlife. Then dont worry about the second type, they are not going to affect u in any way, its always better to be away from them, Then the third type of people, Even though they are with u its very difficult to identify them, Once u identify those kind of people its always better to be away from them, U may consider all the people around u are very important to u, but one day when u come to know that u are no more important to them it really hurts u a lot. So always be selective in selecting ur friends. Always be with the people where u can be urself. Have a Happy Life

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